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Fora Condotal

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Project Location:

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction, Tagaytay City

Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 23 sqm - 54 sqm
Price Range: Php 4.7M - Php 8.8M


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Fora Condotal By Filinvest

Filinvest Land’s first investment into Tagaytay’s lucrative residential market is now underway. The Fora Condotel Tagaytay is a multi-billion peso residential development project in the heart of the world-renowned Tagaytay City. This mixed-use development will certainly alter how people are making their weekend getaway different.

The Fora Condotel has a forest inspired garden amenity providing utmost serenity, with contemporary commercial centers, a condo building and condotels (combination hotel and condominium units) primarily catering to both foreign tourists and local residents. This amazing and unique community setting is located along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Rotunda Junction, Tagaytay City, Cavite. The property occupies a spacious 5.3-hectare of relatively rolling terrain and the climate is truly cool and refreshing all year round!

The Fora, dreamed to be the largest integrated themed destination in this scenic city has the stunning view of the iconic Taal Volcano and the lake (Taal Lake) within its crater. The Fora is also destined to have world-class golf courses, leisure amenities and facilities and several other developments conducive to the families’ weekend bonding.

Along the shores above an azure volcanic lake in the province of Cavite in the Philippines sits the lovely holiday town of Tagaytay. Tagaytay is located about 66.5 kilometers south of the capital, Manila, on the Tagaytay - Sta Rosa Road, and is a popular weekend and holiday destination for the city dwellers who are seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of the city of Manila in the fresh, cool air of Tagaytay.

The town of Tagaytay sits at an elevation of about 634 meters, or approximately 2,000 feet, above sea level. From here, you can get spectacular views of the lake and its active volcano, Taal. Fora Condotel by Filinvest is part of the the newest and most exciting real estate developments in Tagaytay today: Fora Tagaytay. Fora Tagaytay is a mixed-use development that is set to be one of the most popular residential as well as holiday and recreation destinations in the city.

Fora Tagaytay features 270 residential units, 298 condotel (residential condominiums with hotel amenities) and about 300 retail, food and entertainment outlets, spread over a beautiful 5.2 hectare landscaped, forest-themed development complete with gardens and pocket parks scattered throughout the property.

The development will consist of a commercial block with a gross floor area of 47,000 square meters with restaurants, retail outlets, supermarket and four state-of-the-art digital cinemas, two low rise 8-storey towers of 135 units of residential condominiums in each, two 10-storey towers of 159 condotels in each tower, an infinity swimming pool, a trade hall and function rooms.

A 4,000 square meter open expanse of parkland, called “The Forest” will be located in the middle of the development, a lush sanctuary of trees and gardens with a canopy walk that will bring nature to your very doorsteps right here in Fora Condotel. An amphitheatre will be edged with restaurants that will enjoy views of the surrounding trees, and will make a perfect, Instagram-ready spot for outdoor events, concerts, parties and weddings. Fora Tagaytay is located on Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, at the iconic Tagaytay Circle (Rotunda) Junction, right on the beautiful shores of Lake Taal.

This ‘integrated themed destination’ is perfectly designed for family living, weekend visitors and as well as expatriate clientele. Fora Tagaytay offers a new way of living, working and playing in an all-in-one location that features luxurious residences, sports and recreational facilities, shopping and dining. From the beautiful infinity pool, themed garden, playground and other amenities for the exclusive use of residents to the wide paved roads and meeting rooms, Fora Tagaytay is one of the hottest real estate investments you will find in the Tagaytay. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this beautiful new lifestyle concept.

Buyers will have a selection of unit types at Fora Condotel, with different floor sizes ranging from 23 square meters to 54 square meters, according to individual preferences and budgets. Whatever your choice, easy payment schemes and bank financing options are available to help to make your dream of living in the beautiful surroundings of Fora Condotel in Tagaytay City a reality. The Fora Condotel will be operated under the value-for-money Quest Hotels brand by Filinvest Hotels Inc.

What is a condotel? With the condotel concept, buyers are buying a piece of real estate in a real resort, whether a studio style room, or an apartment unit with bedrooms, which they can live in or rent it out as they wish. When living in their properties, owners have the use of all the amenities that are available at the hotel. Condotels are a wonderful way of living in a resort-like atmosphere. Who says you can’t have it all?

Fora Condotel is part of this exciting new multibillion peso Fora Tagaytay mixed-use development. This is your chance to make your home in this lovely resort town and to be a part of the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of Tagaytay. In Fora Condotel, every day will feel like a holiday! Contemporary aesthetics, clean lines, striking roof structures and the use of exotic, sustainable hardwoods as design accents make Fora Condotel one of the most attractive residential real estate  offerings currently on the market in Tagaytay, and a place that you will be glad to call your home. The types of units available in Fora Condotel are:

Studio Unit

The cosy studio unit in Fora Condotel has a floor space of  24 square meters, with a functional, comfortable layout that is perfect base for a weekend getaway in Tagaytay. Studio unit prices start from PHP4,400,000.

Studio Unit With Balcony

The studio unit with balcony has a floor area of 32.4 square meters, and will allow you to step out into the fresh air and savor the spectacular forested landscape of Fora Tagaytay as well as the stunning surroundings of Lake Taal. Prices of studio units with balconies at Fora Condotel start from PHP 4,600,000.

One Bedroom Unit With Balcony

The one bedroom unit with balcony is a nice 60 square feet of efficiently planned space, featuring a living, dining and kitchenette with a separate bedroom. A balcony opens up into a stunning view of the area around Fora Tagaytay. Prices of one bedroom units with balconies start from PHP9,000,000.

The developer of Fora Tagaytay is part of the Filinvest conglomerate which has been involved in the development of a wide range of real estate development in the Philippines, and its extensive portfolio spans residential or commercial properties, business districts, high-rise offices and recreational outlets, built with over 5 decades of experience.

Filinvest’s business has always focused on the development of affordable, mid-range residences and housing for lower and middle income Filipinos throughout the country. In recent years, the company has diversified its real estate development offerings with the burgeoning economy and the increasing demand from the luxury segments of the market to include themed residential projects with a leisure aspect, anchored by resorts and recreational clubs. With Fora Condotel, Filinvest is still continuing its tradition in building ‘the Filipino dream’, one home at a time.

Filinvest Fora Condotal in Tagaytay City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Fora Condotal, then check here first. We have full details of Fora Condotal updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Fora Condotal - Location & Vicinity

Fora Tagaytay is located along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway at the Rotunda Junction the heart of Tagaytay City. Fora is envisioned to be the largest integrated themed destination in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay, once a sleepy town but with a stunning view of the world-famous Taal Lake, has been transformed into a leisure-oriented area with numerous golf courses and weekend homes.

Fora Tagaytay is getting much attention these days as its prime location invites families residing in nearby South provinces and cities to upgrade their homes and location for a more cost-effective and efficient working and family bonding experience. Fora Tagaytay is an ideal location for those seeking exclusivity, comfort and convenience. Accessible to both public and private transportation, its strategic location allows smooth travel to every destination that matters to you. Hospitals, schools, churches and commercial centers - what more would you ask for? They are all near at Fora Tagaytay.

Fora Tagaytay, the setting for the new Fora Condotel development, is located where Emilio Aguinaldo Highway meets the landmark of Tagaytay Rotunda. Here, the Tagaytay Calamba Road, the Tagaytay - Sta Rosa Road and the Tagaytay - Nasugbu Highways converge in the heart of the once-quiet town of Tagaytay, situated on the shores of volcanic Taal Lake with its stunning volcano in the middle.

Taal Lake is a 234 square-kilometer wide expanse of a fresh water that fills the caldera of the active Taal Volcano. From Tagaytay Ridge, the view of the Taal lake and volcano is some of the most beautiful and unforgettable natural scenery in the country.

According to the Philippine Department of Tourism, Tagaytay is the top tourist destination in the Calabarzon region and is a favourite destination for the urbanites of Manila who come here to escape the heat and humidity of the larger cities.

Fora Tagaytay is set to be the new hub for living, shopping, dining and entertainment in the city of Tagaytay. The pleasant, low density city of Tagaytay with a population of only about 72,000 people, is only a short 60 kilometer drive south of Manila, and, at an elevation of 634 meters above sea level, has a pleasant cool climate with an annual temperature average of 24 degrees celsius. The city sits astride the 32 kilometer stretch of Tagaytay Ridge, and it is from here that spectacular views of Taal Lake can be seen.

From the central location of your condotel in Fora Tagaytay, it is an easy drive to all the nearby schools, hospitals and other facilities in town.

For such a small city, Tagaytay has more than its fair share of attractions and things to see and do. There are art galleries and museums, nature and adventure parks, malls, spas, farms and zoos as well as places of worship.

Some of the most popular attractions in Tagaytay are:

  • People’s Park In The Sky (theme park attraction)
  • Picnic Grove (nature and wildlife park)
  • Ayala Malls Serin (shopping mall)
  • Summit Ridge Promenade (shopping mall)
  • Nurture Wellness Village (spa)
  • The Bathhouse at Qiwellness Living (spa)
  • Zipline Tagaytay (adventure park)
  • Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria (cathedral)
  • The Pink Sisters Chapel & Convent

For families with children living in Tagaytay, there are numerous schools and educational institutes to cater to all levels:

  • Tagaytay Montessori School
  • San Jose Elementary School
  • TISE School
  • Shim International School
  • Samuel Mission International School
  • Tagaytay Science National High School
  • Tagaytay City National High School
  • City College of Tagaytay
  • Mater Dei Academy
  • Tagaytay-Mendez Academy

There are a couple of hospitals to serve the city of Tagaytay, including the brand new, private 90 bed hospital adjacent to the Fora Tagaytay development, Tagaytay Medical Center. Also located along Emilio Aguinaldo Avenue, this hospital caters to all the health and wellness requirements of all the local as well as the expatriate populations of Tagaytay. From your home at Fora Condotel, you will never have to go very far to seek health or medical assistance if you need.

Another highly rated medical facility in the city is the Ospital ng Tagaytay.

Landmarks :

  • PNP Academy – 12.5 km
  • Picnic Grove – 4.7 km
  • Pink Sisters Convent – 1.5 km
  • Olivarez Plaza – 0.3 km
  • Tagaytay Public Market – 3 km
  • Caltex – 0.13 km
  • Lourdes Church – 0.7 km
  • Mahogany Market – 4 km
  • Josephine Restaurant – 3 km
Fora Condotal Location

Fora Condotal - Photo Gallery

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Fora Condotal - Features & Amenities

Fora Tagaytay will offer carefully planned retail spaces and amenities that are specially designed to complement the lifestyle of a well travelled citizen. Always have peace of mind here at Fora Tagaytay with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building features

The perks of having a resort right at your doorsteps will become evident when you consider all the amazing facilities and amenities that will be available to you as a resident at Fora Condotel. This is everyday living and a great vacation combined, and all the pleasures of a leisure-focused lifestyle will become part of daily life for you and your family at Fora Condotel.

Amenities at Fora Condotel:

Infinity Pool
A stunning infinity pool and landscaped pool area will provide hours of fun and enjoyment, right here on your doorstep.

Meeting Rooms
Need to mix business with leisure? Hold your meetings and events with your colleagues and business partners in a resort setting, whether you are a guest or a resident at Fora Condotel.

The beautiful amphitheatre is set on the lush fringes of the 4,000 square meter parkland that puts the Fora Tagaytay development in a lovely back-to-nature setting, and is perfect for outdoor events.

Retail And Dining Outlets
A convenient, extensive selection of shopping and restaurant outlets awaits you at the Fora Tagaytay development. A day’s or a weekend’s worth of shopping, dining and entertainment is right here for you and your family and friends, just a short walk away from home at Fora Condotel.

Digital Cinemas
Four state-of-the-art digital cinemas where you can catch the latest blockbusters will be part of the Fora Tagaytay development, and movie nights out with the family will become a fun way to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones.

  • Infinity Pool
  • Trade Hall
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Amphitheater
  • Dining and Retail Shops
  • Digital Cinemas

Fora Condotal - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Condotel units ₱ 4,772,100 - 8,852,200 23 sqm - 54 sqm

Fora Condotal - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot cash with 8% discount
Reservation: Php 50,000
Balance: Full cash payment on the spot
Cash in 30 days, 5% discount
Reservation: Php 50,000
Balance: Full payment in 30 days
In-house financing
Downpayment: 20% TCP
Reservation: Php 50,000
Interest Rate : 17%
Balance: 80% balance to be paid in monthly equal payments within 5, 7 and 10 years
Bank financing
Downpayment: 20% TCP
Reservation: Php 50,000
Interest Rate: Depends on prevailing bank interest rates
Balance: 80% to be financed by bank

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Why You Should Invest In  Fora Condotal

As stated earlier, the development is comprised of 3 components, namely: a commercial block, the Forest and the residential components.

Residents will have the chance to engage on the business aspect of this component. There will be close to 300 retail and dining shops in a 47,000sqm of gross floor area, 4 digital cinemas, a Metro Gaisano Supermarket and Department Store. When you own a piece of this property, you will have the chance to increase your income through the project’s retail or dining areas if you decide to live within this fantastic sanctuary.

A Great Getaway for the Family

If you want to have your family a ready place for a weekend retreats away from the heat of the city, might as well invest on this holistic community. The Forest component of the project is the main garden amenity completing the destination concept of the development. This will comprised of dining options right in front of an amphitheater serving as event center for parties, weddings or any family gathering.

Owning a unit on the Fora will entitle you to utilize these amenities at a very reasonable fee. There are 4 buildings for the residential features of the project. Two of these buildings are committed for condotels (10 floors each building) with total units offered numbering only 318. A very smart investment, indeed!

Quality Products from Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI)

FLI, the building arm of the Gotianum family’s Filinvest Development Corporation is a respectable company with respectable portfolio on its sleeve. Every FLI project is guaranteed safe, high resale value and among the finest in the land. Your investment is definitely tough and secured.

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